Lövåsens Hantverk was started in 2010 in Sandviken. After 6 years the company relocated to Alunda (Uppsala Län).


The business is quality orientated. Old traditions of the past are highly regarded. Stitching of saddles & bridles, cutting of hides / butts is still done by hand. Of course sewing machines are very important in today's world of high speed manufacturing.


Lövåsens Hantverk is also a certified Swedish building company. www.takochbygg.com


Above: Munster Tack & Rugs, Kilworth, Co. Cork, Ireland.

2003-2007 (professional saddlers owned and run by Ryan Thuillier)

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Right: John Francome & Steve Smith Eccles (retired ex pro jockeys) with Ryan Thuillier 2003.



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